Sarband hydropower plant expected to start operating in full capacity in two years

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The modernization of the hydropower plant is being carried out due to US$136 million grant awarded to Tajikistan by the Asian Development Bank.


According to the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources (MoEWR), the project consists of two stages.


The first stage reportedly provides for modernization of hydraulic units 1, 2 and 5, a source at a MoEWR said.


The second stage reportedly includes overhaul of units 3 and 6, replacement of two power autotransformers 220 MBA, construction of a new management building, rehabilitation of open switchgear 220/110 kV and some other construction works.


Rehabilitation of the Sarband hydropower plant (formerly Golovnaya hydropower plant) commenced in the southern Khatlon province on November 18, 2016.


The construction of the Sarband HPP started in 1956, and the first unit was commissioned in 1962. Its installed generation capacity is 240 megawatts (MW), which makes it the fourth largest hydropower plant in the country.


More efficient turbines, generators and other equipment have been installed at the plant. It is expected that after rehabilitation, the generation capacity of the Sarband HPP will increase from 240 MW to 270 MW, according to the source.


Recall, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in December 2013 approved a $136 million grant to support the project aiming at refurbishing electric and mechanical equipment for power generation and transmission at the Sarband HPP.


Source: Asia Plus