Sari Khosor Takes a Serious Look atTourism Development and Infrastructure Improvement

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BALJUVON,  Baljuvon district, especially Sari Khosor area, is paying closer attention to tourism development and infrastructure improvement.

The necessary conditions are being created for tourists in this area, which is beautiful in all seasons. In winter, the forests and mountains of Sari Khosor are covered with a white velvety  coat, where at times it can snow up to one and a half meters. Officials of the district’s tourism department intend to organize a skiing area and a place for other winter sports and activities.

Despite the heavy snowfall and cold weather, the Sari Khosor waterfall is constantly flowing. A modern four-star hotel was opened near the waterfall last year. Dozens of domestic and foreign tourists have already stayed in this hotel and got acquainted with the beautiful nature of Sari Khosor area.

Baljuvon has been declared an international tourist destination, and there are opportunities for the development of eco-tourism, mountaineering, hunting, medical and other tourism. The opening of a four-star hotel and other hotels, the organization of skiing, rowing, horseback riding and hunting is planned to attract more tourists to this region.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan