Saudi Arabia is Aware of Terrorist Acts by Renaissance Party Members

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DUSHANBE, At the invitation of the Center for Research and Intercommunication Knowledge of Saudi Arabia, Director of the Center for Islamic Studies under the President of Tajikistan Faizullo Barotzoda visited the city of Riyadh yesterday to participate in the First Arab Studies Conference in Asia.

As part of the conference, Barotzoda met with the President of the Saudi Center for Research and Intercommunication Knowledge Yahia Mahmoud bin Junaid and CEO of the King Faisal Prize Abdul Aziz Al-Sibail.

During the meetings, alongside other issues relating to the conference, the hostile activities of the terrorist and extremist organization of the Islamic Renaissance Party (TEO IRP) were also discussed.

Barotzoda informed his interlocutors about the involvement of the IRP in terrorism and extremism, about its history, crimes, coup attempts and other hostile acts of members of this terrorist organization.

The TEO IRP cooperates with all terrorist and extremist organizations of a religious nature such as Ikhwan-al-Muslimin and Hezbollah in order to achieve its unclean actions, and considers their leaders as its ideological leaders, noted Barotzoda.

Some countries use all sorts of vile ways in order to realize their geopolitical interests and introduce disagreements among Muslims. They also use extremist and terrorist organizations to accomplish their goals, said bin Junaid.

I have enough information about the Tajik people, the level of their culture and their respect for religious values, and also consider Tajikistan as a country that is friendly with Saudi Arabia, added bin Junaid.

It is necessary to strengthen cultural, scientific and technical cooperation between Muslim countries in order to promote harmonious and peaceful coexistence of our peoples, mentioned Abdulaziz Al-Sibail, whose mission is to work with scholars in Muslim countries.

The Saudi officials strongly condemned the terrorist acts around the world and expressed their readiness to cooperate in the fight against terrorism, to prevent hostile activities of extremist parties and movements, and to expand cultural cooperation with Tajikistan.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan