SCNS reveals corruption in Kiyal state enterprise

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The State Committee for National Security of Kyrgyzstan (SCNS) revealed corruption schemes in Kiyal state enterprise and detained several former and current employees. Press center of the state committee reported.

A stable corruption scheme consists in the illegal sale and leasing of premises of Kiyal National Association of Folk Art Crafts state enterprise under the Department for Presidential Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic.

It was revealed that the officials and responsible employees of Kiyal state enterprise, for the purpose of personal enrichment, organized a scheme for the systematic illegal collection of funds from entrepreneurs and traders at Kiyal market.

«Based on the decision of the judicial authorities, searches were carried out. Evidence was found confirming the fees for illegal leasing, the facts of illegal sale without official registration of the commercial and industrial premises of Kiyal state enterprise for $12,000,» the statement says.

An interdepartmental commission has been set up within the framework of the criminal case. The exact amount of damage caused to the state is being calculated.

Violations of fire safety requirements were revealed during the installation and equipping of trading places, which can lead not only to material damage, but also to casualties among the population.

The SCNS reminded about the fire that occurred at Kiyal market in the fall of 2021. The total fire area was about 100 square meters, 17 pavilions burned down.

Taking into account the collected evidence, the former director of Kiyal state enterprise, market controllers, involved in the said corruption scheme were detained and placed in the pretrial detention center.

Investigative and operational measures are ongoing to establish other manifestations of corruption and officials involved in these illegal actions.

Source: News Agency