Service meeting with the traffic police of the capital

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In the conference hall of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Dushanbe was held an official meeting and summarizing the activities of the State Automobile Inspectorate of Dushanbe under the auspices of the Chief of the Department, Major General of Police Hamidzoda Barotali Partov. The meeting was attended by the management and all employees of the State Automobile Inspectorate of Dushanbe districts.

The head of the Interior Ministry's office in Dushanbe, Major General Barotali Hamidzoda, summed up the work of each inspector and stressed that traffic police officers are the face of the police. internal affairs bodies are assessed. In this regard, the road inspectors, while providing the service to the drivers and the citizens, should observe the ethics of communication and work round the clock to reveal and eliminate the serious violations of the traffic rules.

As it was mentioned, due to the efforts of the supreme leadership of the country and the Chairman of Dushanbe city Rustam Emomali from year to year the transport service has been improved and the roads of the capital have been reconstructed. However, some drivers, especially the drivers of expensive vehicles and some public transport drivers do not follow the simplest rules of the road and stop for a long time in the second and third rows of the road, inside the parking lot and other unmarked places. This creates chaos on the roads of the capital. In order to eliminate these and other violations, the responsible persons were given specific instructions.

One of the issues discussed during the official consultation was the regulation of public transport services, which has recently been marked by traffic accidents and serious violations of traffic rules by drivers of passenger vehicles. . In order to raise the legal level and mandatory compliance with the rules and requirements of the Rules of the road and municipal ethics, it is planned to conduct a series of inspections and conduct explanatory meetings with drivers of public transport.

During the meeting, the head of the capital's police also assessed the role of citizens in maintaining order and preventing traffic violations. As it was noted, the citizens closely cooperate with the police and on a daily basis observe the negative actions and take videos and pictures and send them to the Dushanbe police for action. It should be noted that the consideration of complaints and appeals of citizens is under the direct control of the leadership of the Interior Ministry in Dushanbe.

Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan