Seven Avalanches Recorded in Tajikistan Per Day

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Seven avalanches recorded over the past day in Tajikistan, reported the press center of the Committee for Emergency Situations and Civil Defense (CESCD).

Yesterday, avalanches recorded in Shugnan, Rushan and Ishkashim districts of GBAO. The movement of vehicles on different sections of Khorog — Ishkoshim, Khorog — Murgob and Khorog — Kulob – Dushanbe highways was temporarily suspended.

Snow avalanches were also recorded on the 71, 73 and 79 km of the Dushanbe — Ayni highway. This led to traffic congestion. Also, the roads are completely cleared, and traffic has been restored.

Additionally, an avalanche was also recorded on the 303 km of the Vahdat — Lakhsh – Kyrgyz Saritosh highway, the length of which was almost 100 meters, and the height — 4 meters. As a result of the avalanche, no casualties and destruction of residential buildings were recorded.

In order to eliminate the consequences of natural disasters, the Ministry of Transport and the Innovative Road Solutions LTD road service allocated special equipment, and the roads were cleared.

All CESCD units mobilized to an enhanced service due to weather changes, heavy rainfall and the possibility of emergencies.

The Committee’s rescuers continue round-the-clock duty on the main mountain routes — Dushanbe — Khujand and Dushanbe — Vanj.

Due to precipitation and an increase in the temperature background in the mountainous regions of the districts of republican subordination, the southern slopes of the Hissor ridge and in the western part of GBAO, there is a high risk of avalanches, rockfalls and mudflows, as well as the formation of ice on the passes and mountain sections of roads. There is a high probability of fog in the valleys and foothills.

In this regard, the CESCD asks the population to refrain from traveling to avalanche-prone areas, collecting firewood, agricultural crops in the foothill and mountainous areas, grazing and hunting.

In order to prevent road accidents, drivers are advised to observe increased safety measures when driving through passes and mountain roads.

Source: National Information Agency of Tajikistan