Significant activity of SAI staff in GBAO

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The regulation of vehicle traffic and the prevention of accidents is a major pillar of the state of the State Automobile Inspection. It is also necessary to take measures to reduce the situation of the situation in the cities and districts of GornoBadakhshan Autonomous Oblast. During the interview with the chief of the Interior Ministry Police Department in Badakhshan police department in Badakhshan, V. Vyszoda, stated that as a result of a number of preventive measures, the number of cases of traffic accidents decreased in the first six months of this year. According to our interlocutor, conducting meetings and meetings with the population, including drivers, passengers, and regular preventive and preventive actions were provided.

If in the first half of 2018 there were 11 cases of road and transport in the cities and districts of GBAO, then this figure is 9 cases in the same period of last year. However, although the car crashes have been reduced, however, unfortunately, the number of those killed in such an accident has increased for the first half of the year. The number of casualties has decreased in the same period last year compared to the same period of last year, said B. Vyszodazoda.

We asked RFE / RL's chief of staff in GBAO what kind of violations have been the most frequent ones in the last century? According to the police colonel Bryzszoda, above all, such violations, such as handling a vehicle with black and white glass, driving a car without registration of a vehicle, without technical inspection, violation of passenger rules, disobedience to guide lights and other violations in the first six months of this year has decreased.

But, in turn, our interlocutor reminded us of increasing violations such as driving a vehicle without a driver's license, driving a car in a state of emergency, breaking cases of traffic violations by pedestrians, violation of rules and regulations, that such violations have been registered as a result of proper operationaloperational operations by the police officers of the province, particularly the observers of this remote region of the country.

As police colonel B.Shayszoda expressed, however, one of the main directions of the SAI activity is to identify and prevent traffic accidents and to compensate violators of the traffic rules, as well as observers of the cities and districts of GBAO on other issues also show significant results. he said. In particular, in this period, 15 weapons were confiscated, compared to the same period of last year. Also, the SAI staff of this part of the mountainous Tajikistan in other functional areas have also achieved significant results, as the responsible persons of this department of internal affairs of GBAO have expressed their gratitude to all of them to improve working conditions and proper operation he said.

According to our interlocutor, employees of the State Automobile Inspection of the GornoBadakhshan Autonomous Oblast continue to work hard to make the traffic movement clear and prevent untapped traffic.

Source: Minstry of Internal Affairs Tajikistan