Social Network Activists of Kuwait Visit Attractive Sites of Tajikistan

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The Committee for Tourism Development organized a press tour for social networks activists of Kuwait, who arrived in Tajikistan during the opening of the first flight on the Kuwait – Dushanbe route.

Kuwaiti guests at a meeting with the Chairman of the Committee for Tourism Development Tojiddin Jurazoda expressed their vivid and memorable impressions of the country’s tourist sites and domestic travel agencies.

The study and promotion of the tourism potential of Tajikistan in social networks and the media of Kuwait is one of the main goals of the delegation’s trip.

Representatives of domestic travel agencies presented their interesting programs and routes to establish greater cooperation.

Jurazoda noted that the Committee is taking the necessary measures to strengthen cooperation with Kuwaiti side in priority areas, including the exchange of information on tourism development through publishing materials, films, promotional programs, conferences, exhibitions and cooperation between the travel agencies of the two countries.

He also noted that in order to present the country’s tourism potential, the Committee constantly organizes press tours and info tours for representatives of the media and activists of social networks of foreign countries.

The first flight on Kuwait-Dushanbe route was carried out on December 29, 2022. The opening of direct flights between Tajikistan and Kuwait is an important event and serves to attract more tourists from this region to our country.

The new route was launched at the initiative of the government of Tajikistan in collaboration with the government of Kuwait.

In 2019, Tajikistan and Kuwait signed a Cooperation Program in tourism field.


Source: National information agency of Tajikistan