Somon Air Plans a Charter Flight to Return Citizens from Turkey

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DUSHANBE,  Somon Air plans to run a charter flight to return Tajik citizens from Turkey.

According to their press service, interested citizens can contact Tajik diplomatic missions in Turkey and the airline’s representative office in Istanbul.

“In accordance with the new requirements of Istanbul Airport, a traveler is allowed only a laptop and a personal bag as a carry on. All other items must be checked in. The free baggage allowance in the direction of Istanbul-Dushanbe is set at 20 kilograms,” adds the source.

The scheduled departure time from Istanbul is 12:00 local time. Check-in time is from 09:00 to 11:20 local time.

All passengers are required to wear masks and gloves. Passengers with a fever or symptoms of illness will not be allowed on the aircraft.

Upon arrival in Tajikistan, all passengers will be tested, and they will remain in the quarantine zone until their results are determined. Those with positive test results will receive treatment. Passengers with a certificate attesting to their COVID-19-free status issued within 48 hours or less prior to arrival will be allowed to enter the country without hindrance. However, they must register themselves with a local health care institution and be in self-isolation under medical supervision for 14 days.


Source: National information agency of Tajikistan