Somon Air replenishes its fleet with Mi-8AMT helicopter

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Tajikistan’s privately owned air company Somon Air has replenished it fleet with Mi-8AMT helicopter.


It is already the second helicopter in Somon Air’s fleet. Recall, the air carrier acquired Airbus H125 helicopter in October last year.


According to Somon Air, the helicopters have been acquired for the purpose of contributing to development of tourism in the country and popularizing nature, historical and cultural heritage of the Tajik people within the framework of Tajik government’s initiative.


President Emomali Rahmon on January 2, 2019 signed a decree on declaring 2019-2021 the Period of Development of Rural Areas, Tourism and Folk Crafts in Tajikistan.


The technical test flight has been conducted from Dushanbe to the Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO) on the eve of the 96th anniversary of Tajikistan’s civil aviation.


Mi-8AMT is a modernized version of the Mi-8/17 medium multi-role helicopter. Developed by Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, the helicopter is manufactured by Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, a Russian Helicopters company.


The helicopter can carry out multiple missions including search and rescue (SAR), surveillance, patrolling, fire-fighting, medical evacuation (MEDEVAC), and observation missions. It can also be deployed for transportation of cargo and personnel.


The first Mi-8AMT helicopter (export designation: Mi-171) was manufactured in 1991.


The medium size, twin-engine, Mi-8AMT helicopter incorporates equipment required for a range of missions. It can operate under all weather conditions, during day and night. Its tricycle landing gear ensures safe take off and landings on difficult terrains.


It also features a five-bladed main rotor and a three-bladed tail rotor. The main rotor diameter is 21,294m, and the Mi-8AMT has an empty weight of 6,350kg and cargo carrying capacity of 4,000kg.


Mi-8AMT is operated by a crew of three and can be incorporated with approximately 37 troop seats or 26 passenger chairs.


An air-conditioning system installed in the aircraft provides comfortable working conditions for the crew and occupants. Additional equipment onboard the Mi-8AMT includes an anti-icing system, fluorescent lighting, a spotlight with IR filter, information and emergency lighting panels, and winches.


Somon Air is the first private airline in Tajikistan with an office headquartered in Dushanbe. The airline operations are based at Dushanbe International Airport. The airline started operating on February 5, 2008 with regular flights to Moscow and Dubai. Somon Air also serves as the official carrier of President of the Republic of Tajikistan and other Tajikistan high-ranking officials.


Source: Asia Plus