«Somon Air»: There will be a flight to Istanbul once a week, air tickets are on sale

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The Tajik airline “Somon Air” has officially announced the resumption of flights to Istanbul, and also announced the conditions of the flight.


«From October 8, 2020, Somon Air will resume regular flights on the Dushanbe-Istanbul-Dushanbe route. Flights will be operated once a week – on Thursdays. Departure time from Dushanbe – 06:00, from Istanbul – 10:45 local time», – reported in the airline.


They also noted that tickets are sold at air ticket offices.


«They can be purchased at ticket offices, as well as online on the company’s website. The cost of tickets from 3672 somoni and above according to the tariff scale»,- noted in the airline.


However, neither on the company’s website, nor in the ticket offices, we found tickets for the next flights.


«The cost of a ticket for the flight on October 8 was from 4300 somoni and above, but everything was sold out, there are no free seats. For the next flight on October 12 (Turkish Airlines flight) tickets remained only for 11-12 thousand somoni. You can buy cheaper tickets for flights at the end of the month. For example, on October 26, tickets are now available at a price of 6500 somoni (Turkish Airlines flight)», – reported in one of the air ticket offices of the capital.


The company explained this by the fact that “this flight has been waiting for a long time and there are a lot of people who want to, therefore, tickets were quickly sold out”.


Source: Asia Plus