Source: Tajik-Kyrgyz border under heavy guard since March

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Tajikistan’s border with Kyrgyzstan remains closed and heavily guarded since March due to the coronavirus pandemic, reported in the power unit of the government.


«Since then, the border has been closed and strengthened. We then increased security in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic. Border guards instructed to be more vigilant in connection with recent events in Kyrgyzstan», – a source said.


He also noted that due to the unrest after the parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan, the meeting of the Tajik-Kyrgyz intergovernmental commission on the border was canceled.


«The next meeting of the intergovernmental commission on delimitation and demarcation of state borders was supposed to take place in Khujand, but due to the current situation in the neighboring country, it is postponed until it is unknown for how long», – a source said.


Meanwhile, since October 6, Uzbekistan has imposed a restriction on entry to the country for citizens of Kyrgyzstan.


Source: Asia Plus