Special Secretary to the Pakistani Ministry of Interior Says He Fell in Love with Dushanbe

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In an interview with Khovar's correspondent Akramkhoja Akbarov, which was held on the sidelines of the high-level conference International and Regional Cooperation in the Fight Against Terrorism and Its Financing Sources, Including Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime, the Special Secretary to the Ministry of Interior of Pakistan Mian Waheed-ud-Din told of his love for Dushanbe.

Dushanbe is a city of nature loving people, with many flowers, gardens and parks. I have fallen in love with your city and would like to visit it again, said Waheed-ud-Din.

During the interview, he applauded the government of Tajikistan for organizing the conference.

This initiative of the government of Tajikistan is very important, timely and relevant. It brought together all the interested countries and organizations in order to fight against terrorism, said Waheed-ud-Din.

The participants of today's conference have come together to form a strategy to fight against terrorism and its sources of financing, including drug trafficking and organized crime, and to root them out from their sacred land, he added.

We need to strengthen internal security and jointly fight against terrorism and also be extremely ready for its threats, Waheed-ud-Din continued.

This is Waheed-ud-Din's first visit to Tajikistan.

I was very happy to see that this city is cleaner than most other capitals. So thanks to the people who keep it so clean, noted Waheed-ud-Din.

Yesterday, the Pakistani official had visited the historic Hissor fortress and the picturesque Varzob gorge, which he found to be impressive.

I was very impressed by the beauty of these places. The Hissor fortress embodies the ancient history of this region and in the Varzob gorge you can enjoy the beautiful nature that enchants anyone, he said, expressing admiration for one of many local tourist destinations.

Following the interview, Waheed-ud-Din expressed his graditute to the government of Tajikistan for the hospitality and high level organization of the conference.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan