Such Weather Situation in Tajikistan Occured Fifteen Years Ago

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Such weather situation in Tajikistan occurred 15 years ago, that is, in late January and early February 2008. Such cold weather in the country will last until January 25, reports Deputy Director of the Agency for Hydrometeorology Jamila Baidulloeva.

She noted that in 2008 the temperature at night in the valleys was from 20 through 25 degrees below zero. But in those days and nights in GBAO, the temperature was not as low as this year.

The Agency for Hydrometeorology reported that from January 13 through January 16 in most areas of the valley — in the foothills, the air temperature is predicted to be minus 24 degrees at night, up to 13 degrees during the day and in mountainous areas up to 24 degrees at night and up to 15 degrees during the day.

These days, frosts will remain on the highways of the mountainous areas. Avalanches are also expected on the southern and northern slopes of the Hissor Range, in the mountainous areas of republican subordination and in some western regions of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan