Sughd Administration Allocates 6.5 Million Somoni for the Prevention of Infectious and Viral Diseases

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KHUJAND,  Sughd Province administration has allocated 6.5 million somoni from its budget toward the prevention of the coronavirus. This information was provided at the meeting of the provincial commission for coronavirus prevention, presided by Sughd Chairman Rajabboy Ahmadzoda.

To date, disinfectants, special medical masks and antiseptics have already been purchased for the amount of 2.1 million somoni. Additionally, the necessary medical devices and equipment, including a ventilator, a cardiomonitor, medical first-aid kits, an oximetric pulse reader and 40 types of medicines, have been purchased for 4.4 million somoni.

Sughd administration also plans to allocate additional funds to further strengthen preventive work, protect public health and public safety.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan