Sughd regional budget allocates 3 million somoni to support medical workers involved in combating COVID-19

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 Of this amount, 1 million somoni has been allocated to encourage local medical workers and 2 other million somoni have been allocated for purchase of special protective overalls for them.

Moreover, Sughd governor Rajabboy Ahmadzoda has transferred his monthly wage to a special account opened in the country for combating the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Meanwhile, the Sughd administration press service says two other persons died of pneumonia over the past weekends – a 61-year-old resident of the Gulakandoz jamoat, Marouf Doustmatov, died in the Jabbor-Rasoulov central district on May 2 and a 66year-old resident of the Degmai jamoat, Akbar Aktamov died on May 3. 

Source: Asia Plus