Tajik Academy of Sciences Launches Production of Silver Water to Ward Off Viruses

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DUSHANBE,  Scientists of the Tajik National Academy of Sciences created a device for the production of silver nanoparticles and launched the production of silver water with antimicrobial and antiviral properties in order to prevent the spread of viruses, including COVID-19. Silver ions have a protective property and can destroy pathogenic bacteria, harmful flora, viruses and fungi.

These days, when the whole world is struggling with the coronavirus, Tajik scientists in collaboration with doctors are working to invent and produce antibacterial and anti-virus agents.

Instruments for the production of silver nanoparticles are installed in the laboratory of the Academy’s Institute of Geology, Earthquake Engineering and Seismology. In case of necessity, the Academy has the opportunity to produce the desired volume of silver nanoparticles.

“Antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of silver have been known since ancient times. Silver belongs to the group of heavy noble metals and retains its purity upon dissolution of its nanoparticles in water. The healing properties of silver water are associated with its complex structure,” says academician Farhod Rahimi.

Silver nanoparticles destroy not only a large number of microorganisms, but also make up an important component of the tissues of living organisms. According to Rahimi, the study of the chemical reaction of the reduction of silver nitrates showed that when diluted in water, silver powder forms its nanoparticles. This type of silver solution is referred to as colloidal silver. Silver ions and its colloidal solution are very effective in neutralizing viruses without any adverse effects. Moreover, silver ions as an immunomodulator increase the body’s immunity.

“Silver ions strengthen many physiological and biochemical processes in living organisms, ensure normal functioning of hormones and glands, the spinal cord, liver and other organs. Silver water is used in the prevention of influenza, stomatitis, brucellosis, asthma, arthritis and other diseases. Our ancestors used silver containers for storing water on long journeys,” notes Rahimi.

Its disinfection effect on more than 650 types of bacteria has been proven. It is noteworthy that under the influence of silver ions beneficial bacteria are not destroyed, in other words, in this case there is no dysbiosis that occurs during antibiotic treatment.

Academy’s scientists recommend using the antimicrobial, anti-virus and bactericidal properties of silver and its nanoparticles in colloidal form for the manufacture of protective masks in order to limit the risk of infection with infectious diseases. Laboratory experiments show that functional tissue specially treated in ionic solutions or in colloidal silver forms anti-inflammatory properties.

“In processing functional tissues with ions and a colloidal solution of silver nanoparticles the active nanoparticles do not separate from the tissues and adhere very tightly to them. In this regard, it is advisable to extend the use such fabrics in medicine for sewing gowns, masks, gloves and other medical clothing. While washing, silver nanoparticles do not separate from the fabric and retain their anti-inflammatory property for up to six months,” says Rahimi, who notes that this process increases the lifespan of the masks up to threefold, which is also important from an economic point of view.

The Tajik National Academy of Sciences is hoping to popularize such an alternative and is currently collaboration with workshops and enterprises that are currently engaged in the manufacture of protective masks.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan