Tajik ambassador asks Russian authorities not to punish migrants for violation of rules of staying

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Kommersant says Sattorov has asked the Russian authorities not to punish Tajik migrants for the fact that they could not leave the country in time.

He, in particular, noted that “it is impossible to evacuate all Tajik workers and students from Russia due to the reduction in air traffic and the suspension of railway traffic.”

“I think that to demand in this situation that everyone leave the territory of Russia would be inexpedient,” Sattorov told Kommersant.

“Therefore, it is necessary to give them legal opportunity to stay in Russia and to work legally where workers are needed without breaking the law,” Tajik diplomat said.

At the same time, Sattorov proposed to soften the conditions of stay in Russia, according to Kommersant.

Recall, Russia closed its borders to foreigners as of March 18 until at least May 1 amid coronavirus spread. In this connection, air companies have reduced the number of flights. A status of migrants who have remained in Russia is still unknown.

Meanwhile, Tajikistan, which has not announced a single case of COVID-19 virus, already feels the consequences of the deadly pandemic that has spread to all of its neighbors.

Tajikistan is heavily dependent on remittances from its labor migrants working in Russia, a key destination for hundreds of thousands of Tajiks seeking better employment opportunities.

Many people in Tajikistan are concerned that extended border closures will bring even greater financial hardship for thousands of Tajik households.

Tajik authorities, meanwhile, say Tajik airlines will continue to fly to Russia to bring back any citizens willing to return home, according to Radio Liberty.

Officials in Dushanbe say about 500,000 Tajik migrants traveled to Russia in 2019, while sources in Russia put the number of migrant workers from Tajikistan at more than 1 million.

Source: Asia Plus