Tajik and Chinese Cooperation Discuss in Dushanbe

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Tajik-Chinese cooperation and the implementation of the One Belt, One Road Initiative were discussed in a briefing that took place yesterday in Dushanbe.

Representatives of the Center for Strategic Studies (CSS) under the President of Tajikistan, Chinese Embassy in Dushanbe, as well as scientists and journalists attended the briefing.

The former Chinese Ambassador to Tajikistan Yue Bin spoke about the joint Tajik and Chinese projects.

Aong with the cooperation in trade, economic, cultural and humanitarian spheres, scientific cooperation between Tajikistan and China is evidenced by the current memorandum of cooperation between the Tajik CSS and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, noted Bin.

Tajikistan always pays great attention to the development of the Tajik-Chinese relations development and supports China's international initiatives and makes proposals for their development. It is important to note that Tajikistan and China are implementing mutually beneficial projects and have raised the level of their relations to a comprehensive strategic partnership, said Bin.

According to him, Tajikistan and China have common goals, achieving peace and stability. In today's world of globalization and in difficult international political conditions, no country can cope with the existing problems on its own, therefore, in 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping launched the One Belt, One Road Initiative, which has become a road of cooperation, stimulating global development and collaboration.

Currently, China has signed cooperation documents with more than 160 countries and international organizations within the One Belt, One Road Initiative. Tajikistan was one of the first states to support this international initiative, added Bin.

Touching on the cooperation in the humanitarian sphere, Bin noted that China has become the second ranked state accepting students from Tajikistan. Today, approximately 6,700 people study Chinese at the Confucius Centers in Tajikistan.

Achievements in cooperation within international organizations, including the SCO, were also discussed.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan