Tajik Chess Player Became the Champion of the State of Montana

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A student from Tajikistan Rasul Nazriev became the champion of the state of Montana. He is 20 years old and is studying at the University of Montana in his second year as a programmer.

Nazriev started playing chess seriously quite recently, but in a short time he mastered the game and began to participate in serious tournaments. Prior to his championship, he won an open chess tournament in Las Vegas and faced chess players who were rated over 2100.

Having successfully overcome the entire qualifying stage, he was among the 5 contenders for the title of champion of Montana. At this stage they were joined by reigning state champion Wilton Strickland.

Nazriev took the highest award, losing the game to Dan Mattson at the start, and then scoring four victories in a row. This ensured him the overall victory in the tournament.

The highlight of the tournament was Nazriev’s victory over last year’s champion Strickland.

The next season of the Montana State Chess Championship starts on September 17, the qualifying tournament will be held in several stages and 5 contenders for the title will be determined in them, with whom the reigning champion Nazriev will play in the final round of next year.

According to his father Saidrahmon Nazriev, former First Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade, Nazriev studies computer science and cybersecurity, and is actively involved in public affairs. He is also the president of the student association of his university.


Source: National information agency of Tajikistan