Tajik-Chinese Cultural Exchange Center Opens In Beijing

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Yesterday, the official opening ceremony of the Tajik-Chinese Cultural Exchange Center was held in Beijing, which was created with the joint effort of the Tajik Embassy in China and Beijing City University.

While speaking at the ceremony, the Tajik Ambassador to China Parviz Davlatzoda noted that the opening of the center will certainly contribute to the development of humanitarian cooperation between Tajikistan and China.

Davlatzoda is confident that young people, cultural, educational and art workers of the two countries, including public figures will be involved in the activities of the center.

Of course, the horizons of our cooperation in the cultural and humanitarian sphere will expand, he said.

According to the Tajik Ambassador, the new center faces many plans and tasks.

This is, first of all, the promotion of the Tajik language, history, culture and art of the Tajik people, the implementation of general education programs, various forums, exhibitions, concerts, creative evenings, presentations and joint cultural events, Davlatzoda said.

The center will provide informational support to Chinese and Tajik organizations and citizens in establishing contacts in various fields, such as education, culture, tourism, science, technology, medicine, trade and economic relations, he added.

The Rector of Beijing University Liu Lin expressed hope that the center will become a new platform for strengthening friendship between the Chinese and Tajik youth.

The Evening of Friendship, Culture and Art of Tajikistan and China was also held on the occasion of the center's opening, during which creative groups from China and Tajikistan demonstrated the charm of the cultures of the two countries.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan