Tajik companies have sold €2.7 million worth of face masks abroad in H1 2020, says Tajik official

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“Given the current situation, many domestic enterprises have begun producing face masks, personal protective equipment (PPEs), antiseptics, bandages and detergents,” the minister said.


In January-June this year, Tajikistan has exported 2.7 million face masks at the rate of 1.00 euro per mask to Italy and Serbia, the minister noted.


According to him, 17 domestic enterprises have produced more than 55,000 PPEs over the reporting period.


“During the pandemic, Tajikistan has expanded production of antiseptics and detergents. Thus, Saturn-1, Pokofar, Davoi Sino, Pharm Sughd, Tojkhimporm (Tajik chemical industry) and some other companies have produced a total of more than 200,000 detergents, 190 liters of antiseptics, 125 tons of toilet soaps, 255 tons of chlorine, 260 tons of sodium hypochlorite and some other antiseptic properties,” Faizullozoda added.


According to the statistic data from the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies (MoINT), enterprise of the light industry, including the processing plants, have produces a total of more than 781.4 million somoni of good over the first six months of this year, which was 32.7 million somoni more than in the same period last year. Compared to January-June of 2020 the index of the volume of production of goods reportedly amounted to 104.4 percent.


Source: Asia Plus