Tajik Doctors Operate Conjoined Twins For the First Time

In the department of neonatal surgery of the Shifobakhsh National Medical Center, Tajik doctors carried out an operation to separate children born together, or, in the medical language, conjoined twins.

Parents of newborns are from Vose district. The birth was performed by caesarean section and it was found that one of the babies (a boy) had already died, and the other baby (a girl) was in a normal condition. The deceased infant was attached head-on to the back of another twin who was surgically separated.

Congenital malformations or conjoined twins are one of the most serious health problems in all parts of the world, and now with the introduction of such a surgical method or the separation of conjoined twins, Tajik doctors have gained good experience in establishing this operation.

According to industry experts, this new surgical method is not the only achievement of this department, in recent years, the doctors of the department have performed several types of operations, which have served as a good basis for ensuring the health of newborns.

The specialists of the department emphasize that at present the recovery of the operated child is ensured, there are no deviations during the surgical operation.

Currently, the child’s mother is in the intensive care unit, the condition of the newborn is normal.


Source: National information agency of Tajikistan