Tajik food producing enterprises start manufacturing disinfectants amid coronavirus concerns

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 A number of enterprises of Tajikistan’s food industry have begun manufacturing disinfectants due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

For the purpose of preventing the spread of a novel coronavirus (COVID-19), a number of enterprises of the country’s food industry, including the Khujand-based MMK Ltd, Sakho and Co. based in the northern city of Guliston and MMD Ltd based in the Roudaki district, have organized production of hygiene and antiseptic preparations, according to the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies (MoINT).

An official source within a MoINT says the MoINT jointly with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population is continuing to take measures to ensure sanitary and epidemiological safety in the country.

According to official data from the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population, no cases of coronavirus have been registered in the country yet.

To-date, Tajikistan has reportedly conducted nearly 3,000 tests for coronavirus and all have come back negative.

According to a MoHSPP, 22 samples were sent to labs in London and nine others were sent to labs in Moscow to rule out any possible errors being made by local test labs. These tests have reportedly also come back negative.

The MoHSPP said on April 6 that 7,041 people were taken under a mandatory two-week quarantine after arriving in Tajikistan from abroad between February 1 and April 6.

It added that, as of April 6, there were 2,750 people still in quarantine and none of those released had the coronavirus.

Source: Asia Plus