Tajik Foreign Ministry: “Tajiks are not involved in the January riots in Kazakhstan”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan denies the involvement of citizens of the country in the events of January 2022 in Kazakhstan.


“Citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan are not involved in the mass riots of January 2022 in Kazakhstan “, – said in a statement.


The Tajik Foreign Ministry noted that the facts of the participation of citizens of the republic in Kazakhstan’s unrest were not confirmed.


“We inform you that the Tajik side did not receive through official channels from the Kazakh side information about the facts of participation of citizens of the country in the mentioned events. БMoreover, after the circulation of information in the media with reference to the prosecutor’s office of Kazakhstan, the diplomatic and consular missions of Tajikistan in Kazakhstan turned to the relevant structures of the host country and these facts were not confirmed”, – the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.


This statement was a response to the words of the Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan, Berik Asylov, who on January 5 at a meeting in parliament said that Tajiks also participated in the January riots.


Source: Asia-Plus