Tajik hospitals do not have enough virologists, says doctor recovering from COVID-19

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Mr. Nodiri says COVID-19 was discovered in him in the second half of May and he was admitted to the Istiqlol Hospital in Dushanbe.


“The hospital does not have enough virologists and mainly therapists and surgeons are engaged in treatment of patients,” the doctor noted.


“Moreover, patients have to buy some antibiotics on their own,” said Nodiri.  “Besides, patients experience an acute psychosocial distress.  They are very upset and almost do not communicate with each other.”


“I think that in this situation COVID-19 patients need psychotherapists no less than virologists,” the doctor added.


Meanwhile, the Minister of Health and Social Protection of the Population, Jamoliddin Abdullozoda, told the national news agency Khovar on May 26 that Tajikistan has enough medicine stocks and treatment

for COVID-19 is free of charge.


Source: Asia Plus