Tajik media are under constant attack from “democratic neighbors”

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DDoS attacks target Tajik media websites and social networks, as well as accounts of Tajik influencers and bloggers


Over the past few days, the war between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan has been going on not only at the border. No less fierce battles have been going on – and continue to go on in the information space. With the outbreak of the conflict, Tajik media are subjected to DDoS attacks on their resources. Most of the IP addresses they come from are from Kyrgyzstan.


How does this happen? During such attacks, a huge number of requests are sent to sites that need to be hacked using special computer programs that exceed the network bandwidth, which blocks the operation of the resource. During these days, DDoS attacks, in particular, have been on the sites of Asia-Plus, Sughd-news, YourTJ.


According to Sugdnews editor Alisher Tolib, their site was also attacked at a fairly serious level, for which they were not ready. According to him, they faced such an attack for the first time.


“The server did not have time to process a large load flow, which led to a significant slowdown in the server’s response to requests and a denial of service for some user requests. Our readers wrote about it”, – He said.


Alisher says that their social networks also do not go unnoticed. For example, after publishing an interview with a resident of the Jamoat Chorkuh, where he talked about the explosion of a mosque on Friday, the editors faced an influx of hateful and offensive comments.


“A massive DDoS attack has also been underway on the server of the Asia-Plus website since yesterday. The site has been unavailable for some time today due to heavy load. Previously, our site was also attacked, but the usual server protection settings coped with them. This time there is a large-scale attack and the site does not withstand. We had to turn on the maximum level of protection.


Not only our website is being attacked, but also social networks: Kyrgyz users massively send complaints about our pages to Facebook and Instagram administrators. Kyrgyz bloggers and activists call for this. We have dozens of scans with their calls to block Asia-Plus, – says the editorial director of Asia-Plus Bahmanyor Nadirov.


However, in social networks, not only the media were subjected to attacks by neighbors. Bloggers in Kyrgyzstan urge their compatriots to complain about the accounts of Tajik influencers and bloggers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Source: Asia-Plus