Tajik migrants can now obtain Russian citizenship in one year. But they risk dying in Ukraine

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The State Duma of the Russian Federation adopted a law according to which the citizenship of this country can be obtained after serving only one year in the army. A new string of coffins may go from Ukraine to Tajikistan


Russia is short of troops for the war with Ukraine and is looking for ways to replenish the ranks of its army. Earlier, Russian media reported on the mobilization of prisoners in Russian colonies for the needs of a special military operation. According to various estimates, in this way, more than 5 thousand especially dangerous criminals who were serving prison terms for murders and robberies were already mobilized to the combat area.


On September 21, the Russian authorities announced a partial mobilization, according to which they expect to call on 300,000 reserve employees. It has already begun, and in connection with this, a heated discussion began in Russian society about the consequences of this decision by Putin.


Meanwhile, a day earlier, foreigners in Russia were once again offered to obtain Russian citizenship in a simplified manner. To do this, they just need to serve in the Russian army for one year.


Such amendments to the law were adopted on September 20 by the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Now foreign citizens who have entered into a contract to serve in the Russian Armed Forces, other troops or military formations for a period of at least one year will be able to obtain Russian citizenship in a simplified manner, without the need to obtain a residence permit.


In addition, the period for which the first military service contract is concluded with a foreign citizen entering a military position in the ranks of a soldier, sailor, sergeant and foreman has been reduced from five years to one year.


Source: Asia-Plus