Tajik Minister of Education and Science Attends Global Partnership for Education Dialogue

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The Minister of Education and Science of Tajikistan Rahim Saidzoda attended the dialogue of ministers of the member countries of the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) and delivered a speech on the experience Tajikistan in the process of developing documents for obtaining an investment project.

Saidzoda noted that the Ministry of Education and Science began to develop a draft COMPACT partnership agreement in January 2021 and established a technical working group, in which it established close cooperation with the Development Partnership Coordination Group (LEG) and representatives of the Global Partnership. When developing the document, priority was given to the tasks set by the Strategy for the Development of Education until 2030, such as appropriate education, improving the quality and results of education, ensuring continuous education for all children, taking into account gender aspects.

According to him, the main condition for Tajikistan’s success in developing a package of documents is compliance with all the requirements and expectations of the Global Education Partnership to develop a request for support for the reform of the education system. As a recommendation to other countries, by 2025, the new operating model of the Global Education Partnership should be adapted and applied, which has defined its mechanisms and tools for planning, coordinating and implementing priorities.

In addition, in the process of preparing documents for an inclusive dialogue in the field of education, it was recommended to create the necessary conditions for local educational groups and take into account the possibility of participation and involvement of all partners in this process.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan