Tajik Ministry of Internal Affairs: Criminals Did Not Go Unpunished

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DUSHANBE, In order to ensure the rule of law and prevent drug trafficking, on May 1, law enforcement authorities detained drug smugglers, natives and residents of Barushon village of the Rushon district a 44-year-old Sharof Kobilov, temporarily unemployed, married, previously convicted and especially dangerous criminal a 44-year-old Firdavs Gadomamadov, temporarily unemployed, twice convicted, reports the Press Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan.

The Department of State Committee for National Security for GBAO charged a criminal case against Sharof Kobilov under articles 200, part 3, paragraph “g”, 289, part 3, 328, part 2 and 335 of annex 1 to part 2 of paragraph “d” and against Firdavs Gadomamadov under articles 200, part 3 of paragraph “g” and 289, part 3 of the Criminal Code of Tajikistan and was sent to the GBAO court for consideration on the merits.

Based on this, a group of misinformed young people, in support of smugglers involved in drug trafficking, impeded the work of law enforcement officers of the Rushon district, disrupting public order and engaging in minor hooliganism.

In order to protect public order, on June 19 administrative protocols have been drawn up against Rushon district’s residents and natives a 44-year-old Yodgor Gulomaidarov, single, unemployed, a 33-year-old Habib Mavlododov, married, has two children, unemployed, and a 55-year-old Ilchibek Bakhtibekov, married, has two children, retiree, and based on a Rushon’s court decision in accordance with article 460 of the Code of Administrative Offenses for committing administrative offenses are taken under administrative arrest.

Also, for violation of the requirements of Article 460 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, following Rushon’s residents were fined 406 somoni: a 36-year-old Garibsho Garibshoev, a 33-year-old Darzu Bodurov, a 29-year-old Azamat Khushnazarov, a 29-year-old Muhammad Mazabshoev, and a 43-year-old Azamjon Farodbekov. These persons admitted their illegal actions and repented of their deeds.

All the damage caused by criminals is fully compensated by them.


Source: National information agency of Tajikistan