Tajik Scientists Invent Auxiliary Respiratory Device to Tackle COVID-19

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DUSHANBE,  In collaboration with scientists of the National Academy of Sciences, Tajiks specialists have invented and put into operation an auxiliary respiratory device.

Doctors have tested this device at the Dushanbe Ambulance Station. The results showed that the device fully meets the standard parameters of artificial respiration devices and yield great benefits for patients suffering from asthma.

According to the President of the National Academy of Sciences Farhod Rahimi, the device is now being fully utilized  at the Dushanbe Ambulance Station.

The new respiratory device is thought to help those infected with COVID-19 who have an underlying respiratory condition.

Since the speard of the virus, Tajik scientists have been active in developing other useful products and formulas such as antiseptics, sodium hypochlorite, as well as silver ions.

“So far Tajik scientists produced two types of drugs, one of which is designed to strengthen the immune system and the second is to destroy microbes in the body,” said Rahimi.

“The drugs, Camolid (from the roots of the ferula plant) and Sedarmona (from three medicinal plants), have antiviral properties that enhance immunity,” added Rahimi.


Source: National information agency of Tajikistan