Tajik traffic police officer detained in Kyrgyzstan on suspicion of being involved in drug trafficking

The Kyrgyz Interior Ministry’s official website says drug dealers have kept secrecy and have taken special instructions.

“However, Kyrgyz drug control officers have been able to track down members of Tajik, Kyrgyz and Kazakh cells of the criminal community and found the leader of the drug gang,” the Kyrgyz Interior Ministry’s official website noted.

According to the Kyrgyz Interior Ministry, the special operation has lasted for a year.“Over this period, the ringleader, a 62-year-old resident of TajikistanO.A, and the ring member, a 40-year-old Tajik traffic police officer I.M., have been detained,” the Kyrgyz Interior Ministry added.

33.241 kilograms of narcotic drugs have reportedly been confiscated from them.A totaled included 11.299 kilograms of raw opium and 21.942 kilograms of hashish.

Criminal proceedings have been instituted against them and an investigation is under way.

Source: Asia Plus