Tajikistan adopts a new seed-faming development program

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In early September, the government, in particular, issued a regulation on the progress of implementation of the seed-farming development program designed for 2016-2020.


38.3 million somoni, including 14.8 million somoni from the budget and the remaining 23.5 million somoni from non-budget sources, have been allocated or implementation of this program.


According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), over the years of implementation of the program, the number of seed-growing farms has increased in the country to 90.


Despite this, they meet only 40-50 percent of the agrarian sector’s requirements in seeds.


To support seed-growing, the authorities this year have exempted suppliers of “superelita” (super elite) and “elita” (elite) seeds from paying value added tax (VAT) and customs duties


The Government has ordered the Ministry of Agriculture jointly with other relevant agencies to develop the new program that would take into consideration the expansion of production of all types and varieties of seeds.


Source: Asia Plus