Tajikistan and Pakistan share similar views on the majority of key regional and international issues, says Tajik leader

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According to the Tajik president’s official website, they discussed issues of expansion of bilateral cooperation between Tajikistan and Pakistan in providing regional security, jointly combating terrorism, radicalism, transnational organized crime and drug trafficking.


Tajik leader, in particular, noted that Tajikistan and Pakistan share similar views on the majority of the key regional and international issues that allow the countries to solve regional and international problems in a coordinated manner.


It was noted that current relationship between Tajikistan and Pakistan covers a broad range of issues related to politics, economics, culture, science, education, security and other spheres.


Rahmon and Raza also exchanged views on a number of regional and international issues being of mutual interest.


They also discussed the current situation in the region and the world as a whole and prospects of further development of the situation under the coronavirus pandemic conditions.


General Nadeem Raza is a four-star general of the Pakistan Army, who got commissioned in 10 Sind Regiment in September 1985. He is currently serving as Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee – in office since November 2019.


The Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee is an administrative body of senior high-ranking uniformed military leaders of the unified Pakistan Armed Forces who advises the civilian Government of Pakistan, National Security Council, Defense Minister, President and Prime Minister of Pakistan on important military and non-military strategic matters. It is defined by statute, and consists of a Chairman, the military chiefs from Army, Navy and the Air Force: all four-star officers appointed by the President, on the advice of the Prime Minister. The chairman is selected based on seniority and merit from the Chiefs of service of the three branches of the Pakistan Armed and Defense Services.


Source: Asia Plus