Tajikistan and Russia resume air communication? Russian air carriers begin selling air tickets

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Thus, Russian airline Ural Airlines offers air tickets for flights from Moscow to the Tajik cities of Dushanbe and Khujand beginning on July 13.


Air ticket for the Moscow-Khujand flight costs from 10,844 Russian rubles (equivalent to approximately 1,609 somoni) and air ticket for the Moscow-Dushanbe flight costs from 15,136 Russian rubles (equivalent to approximately 2,246 somoni).


According to Ural Airlines, the flights from Moscow to Dushanbe and Khujand will be operated twice a week.


Utair says on its official website that it will begin operating flights from Moscow to Dushanbe on June 30. Air ticket for the flight from Moscow to Dushanbe reportedly costs from 13,600 Russian rubles (equivalent to approximately 2,018 somoni), while the price for air ticket for the flight from Dushanbe to Moscow is higher – from 15,840 Russian rubles (equivalent to approximately 2,350 somoni).


Utair also expected to operate flights from Khujand to Moscow three times a week.


Tajik civil authorities have refrained from commenting on this issue by phone and asked to address a written request on this issue.


Meanwhile, borders between the countries are still closed due to the coronavirus crisis.


The Tajik Embassy in Moscow has called on fellow-countrymen to be vigilant and not to believe information that they allegedly could travel from Russia to Tajikistan by land, including buses. “In the case of organization of charter flights or resumption of regular air communication between Russia and Tajikistan as well as opening of borders, you will be informed through our website or other official Internet resources of the Tajik Embassy in Moscow,” says a statement released by the Embassy.


Ural Airlines is a Russian airline based in Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Oblast. It operates scheduled and chartered domestic and international flights out of Koltsovo International Airport.


Utair is a Russian low-cost airline with its head office at Khanty-Mansiysk Airport while its hubs are at Surgut International Airport and Vnukovo International Airport. It operates scheduled domestic and some international passenger services, scheduled helicopter services, and extensive charter flights with fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters in support of the oil and gas industry across western Siberia.


Source: Asia Plus