Tajikistan and Switzerland Discuss Banking Systems Cooperation

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In order to expand bilateral cooperation and further improve the development of the country’s banking system, on October 31, Chairman of the National Bank of Tajikistan Hokim Kholikzoda met with a delegation of the Swiss National Bank headed by the head of the alternative member of the bank’s board Attilio Zanetti.

Kholikzoda provided the necessary information on the state of the banking system of Tajikistan and called the level of bilateral cooperation effective.

He emphasized that in recent years, due to the difficult geopolitical situation and taking into account the growth in the activity of commercial banks, Tajikistan considers it important and necessary to establish direct communication links between credit organizations of the two countries.

Also, attention of the Swiss delegation was drawn to the expansion of cooperation in the field of monetary policy, internal audit, statistics, balance of payments, management of international reserves, the exchange rate policy, technical assistance for the development and implementation of a modern operational risk management system in the National Bank, and increasing the qualification of employees of the National Bank of Tajikistan through the exchange of experience.

“We appreciate our cooperation with Tajikistan, including with the National Bank, since the high responsibility and good attitude of Tajik colleagues are also clearly felt. It should be noted that today favorable conditions have been created for mutually beneficial bilateral cooperation. Professional specialists from both sides are ready to work for its implementation,” noted Zanetti.

The parties once again expressed their readiness to develop further mutually beneficial cooperation between the banking systems of Tajikistan and Switzerland.


Source: National information agency of Tajikistan