Tajikistan and Turkey Discuss Development of Trade, Economy and Investment During the Pandemic

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DUSHANBE,  A videoconference titled “Strengthening Trade, Economic, and Investment Relations Between Turkey and Tajikistan” was held yesterday at the initiative of the Tajik Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tajinvest SUE and the Turkish Council for Foreign Economic Relations.

The videoconference focused on topical issues such as how to work in the conditions of the coronavirus pandemic and how to promote domestic products?

Participants noted that the age of information technology allows for the development of cooperation.

The parties noted that the coronavirus outbreak made changes in the usual course of cooperation around the world, thousands of events related to the development of trade have been postponed or canceled. However, the level of cooperation achieved between Tajikistan and Turkey allows for the continuation of work even in the current conditions.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan