Tajikistan Attracts Funds to Tackle COVID-19

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DUSHANBE,  Tajikistan is attracting funds to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. A grant worth $11.3 million was attracted from the International Development Association (IDA), reports the Ministry of Finance.

The project consists of four parts and includes the implementation of various measures to strengthen the country’s potential in the field of healthcare, purchase of equipment, medications, disinfectants, and special clothing. The major share of the grant, $6.3 million, will go toward the acquisition.

The project also includes measures to prepare the country’s socio-economic sectors and the population, which will get a share of $1 million.

Another $3 million is for providing social aid to families that are vulnerable in terms of food security. The implementation of this component will be carried out by the State Agency for Social Protection of the Population in accordance with the current mechanism for providing targeted social aid to low-income families and individuals.

A report on the use of the grant will be published on the World Bank and the Tajik Ministry of Finance’s official websites.


Source: National information agency of Tajikistan