Tajikistan: Floods – DREF n° MDRTJ030 Operation Final Report

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Description of the disaster

The torrential rains between 7–13 May 2021 triggered floods, landslides, and mudflows in many districts of Tajikistan. Disasters caused the death of at least seven people and affected around 18,000 people (over 2,500 households). Mudflows left 110 households homeless and caused significant damage to the houses of another 169 households. The largest numbers of destruction and losses were suffered by the districts of Khatlon province. Ranking based on the total economic loss, the number of affected population and damage caused to the residential infrastructure indicates that Kulob town and Vaksh districts were the most severely affected areas. The Government responded rapidly to the emergency with the evacuation of the affected population and salvage of assets and belongings. Necessary machinery and workforce had been made available for debris removal, restoration of road communications and other essential services, including electricity and water supplies. Essential healthcare was ensured through local healthcare facilities and mobile teams of medical staff were deployed to the affected areas.

Source: International Federation of Red Cross And Red Crescent Societies