Tajikistan has enough medicines, says health minister

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Tajikistan has enough medicines, the Minister of Health and Social Protection of the Population, Jamoliddin Abdullozoda, told reporters in Dushanbe on July 24.


According to him, the coronavirus situation in the country is becoming stabilized.


“There are no specific criteria to forecast the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic.  However, judging by the spread of the disease in the neighboring countries, it [second wave] is also expected in Tajikistan, but so far we cannot say for sure,” the minister noted.


According to him, the healthcare specialists have begun collecting epidemiological data and are studying this issue.


“As far as preparedness is concerned, we are well prepared, medicines and personal protective equipment (PPE) are stocked,” Abdullozoda said.


“Over the first six months of this year, Tajikistan has imported US$32.7 million worth of medicines, including US$8.3 (equivalent to some 85 million somoni) million worth of humanitarian aid, US$23.3 million (equivalent to some 250 million somoni) worth of medicines for sale and US$1.05 million (equivalent to some 11 million somoni) worth of medicines for medical facilities,” the minister noted.


Over the same six-month period, Tajikistan has reportedly exported 2.9 million somoni worth of medicines.


Recall, pharmacy shelves have been stripped of some types of antiviral drugs at the beginning of outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in the country, while those that were on sale have risen in prices several times.


Source: Asia Plus