Tajikistan Judo Federation Presents Its New Logo

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Tajikistan Judo Federation presented its new logo on January 26.

The circle of the logo is reportedly adorned with golden lines, with the hope that Tajik judokas will win gold medals in international competitions.

The inner part of the logo is decorated with blue, which from the point of view of psychology means inviolability, and in history is one of the characteristic colors of the Aryan peoples.

Seven stars adorn the upper part of the logo in a semicircle. In traditional Tajik culture, the number «seven» is a symbol of success, perfection, the embodiment of happiness and virtue.

From the ancient belief of the Tajiks, it goes back that “seven stars,” “seven towers” show the paths of success, seven historical, cultural and sports regions of modern Tajikistan.

The center of the logo is decorated with Tajik ornaments, which are the embodiment of national and historical traditions.

The most important and visible part of the logo is the fight between two wrestlers, which is a typical presentation of wrestling sports, especially judo. It also expresses one of the ancient traditions of the Tajik people — the gushtingiri wrestling, which is one of the types of courage and valor.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan