Tajikistan Market Situation Update #14 (April 21-24, 2022)

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Compared to 18th April, a slight increase in prices of some monitored food commodities was observed in the current reporting period (21st April). An increase in wheat flour was reported in most monitored markets in the range of 2%-8%. These price increases have been attributed to not enough supply of wheat flour i. e. reduced local stocks and decreased imports. The vegetable oil price has increased by 4% and 17% in Ishkoshim and Murgob markets respectively. Prices also increased for chicken meat by 3% in Bokhtar, Isfara, Ishkoshim, Kulob, Kushoniyon, Murgob and Panjakent markets. According to the enumerators, this was caused by a reduction of local stocks in the regional markets.

Due to an increase in local production of vegetables, prices for potatoes (-2%), onions (-8%), carrots (-4%) and other vegetables in all monitored markets are showing a decline during the reporting period (21st April), except for an increase in cabbage by 4% overall.

While diesel prices remained stable, the prices of petrol have increased in Ishkoshim (+7%) and Murgob (+4%) compared to 18 April. The current prices of both commodities are lower by -8% and -7% compared to the prices of March 2022 respectively.

Compared to March 2022, the average skilled and unskilled wage labour rates were observed to have increased by 10% and 5% respectively

Source: World Food Programme