Tajikistan Market Situation Update #17 (May 3 – 4, 2022)

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• Compared to the previous week. the average retail prices of key food commodities remained stable In the Majority of markets In the current reporting period. Prices of eggs decreased in 8 monitored markets in the range of 4%-18%.

• Under seasonal factors. paces of potatoes. onions, carrots and Other vegetables increased in some of the monitored markets and decreased in others. The largest increase was seen in the Murgob market (potatoes 33%, onions 14%, carrots •27%).

• Compared to the average retail prices of March 2022. prices of wheat dour. vegetable oil and chickpeas were higher by 6%. 1%. and 2% respectively in the current week.

• Prices for petrol and diesel were stable In the majority at the monitored markets compared to the last wekk.Although the current average prices of both commodities are lower by -4% and -5% compared to the average prices of March 2022 respectively. but they are still above the price levels before the notable spikes at the start of March by 8% and 13% respectively. • In the current mooning period Ord May), around 10-25% Of Stalls and shops were dosed in most monitored market due to less number of customers visiting markets after Eid al-FN.

Source: World Food Programme