Tajikistan Market Situation Update, # 2 (February 21-25, 2022)

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• During the current reporting period, the food commodities were found to be sufficiently available in the 9 monitored markets across the country.

• Compared to the previous week, the average retail prices of most monitored food commodities remained stable in the majority of markets in the current reporting period. Slight increase in cabbage prices were reported in most monitored markets in the range of 2-11 percent with the largest increase seen in the Khorog markets(11%).

• Compared to average retail prices of December 2021, prices of some food commodities got higher.

Biggest percentage increases were seen in the prices for onion and cabbage by 40 and 26 percent respectively. Similarly, price of milk increased by 11 percent compared to December 2021.

• Prices of petrol and diesel have remaind stable this reporting period compared to last week. Compared to December 2021, the petrol price is down by 9% while diesel price dropped by 6%.

• The skilled wage labour rates were observed to have increased in some markets including Dushanbe,

Gharm, Khujand and Kulob compared to December 2021 while unskilled wage rates increased in Gharm by 48%.

Source: World Food Programme