Tajikistan Market Situation Update #29 (June 13-15, 2022)

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Compared to the previous week, retail prices of most monitored food commodities remained stable in the majority of markets in the current reporting period. Only potatoes prices have continued to rise in the 3 markets (Dushanbe, Qubodiyon and Rasht), onions and carrots prices increased in some of the monitored markets and decreased in others.

Compared to the retail prices of the last month, prices of most food commodities remained stable. Potatoes and onion prices increased overall by 50% and 14% respectively. Cabbage price continues to slide downwards. The price this week is down by 27% compared to the last month. The wheat flour price on average increased by 4% compared to the last month. The price of wheat flour has been steadily increasing since the middle of April after a short period of stabilization.

The average prices of petrol and diesel have remained the same as last few weeks.

In the current reporting period, the unskilled and skilled wage labour rates remained stable compared to the last week.

Source: World Food Programme