Tajikistan Market Situation Update #31 (June 20-22, 2022)

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• Compared to the previous week, retail prices of most monitored food commodities remained stable in the majority of markets in the current reporting period. Wheat flour prices start to rise again in 3 monitored markets including Khorog, Murgob and Qubodiyon by 1%

• This week, for the first time in several weeks, prices for potatoes and onions fell by 2% and 6% respectively. Prices of carrots, cabbage and other vegetables increased in some of the monitored markets and decreased in others.

• Compared to the retail prices of May 2022, prices for some food commodities got higher in the current reporting period, including wheat flour by 4%, ri?e by 3%, eggs by 10% and chicken by 3%. But again the biggest increases were in potatoes and onions prices by 47% and 10% respectively compared to the last month.

• Petrol prices remained the same as last few weeks, while diesel prices increased in the majority of monitored markets in the range of 1%-3%.

• In the current reporting period, the unskilled and skilled wage labour rates remained stable compared to the last week.

Source: World Food Programme