Tajikistan Market Situation Update # 9 (01 – 05 March 2021)

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• Staple food commodities were available in all monitored food markets during the reporting period.

• Compared to the previous week, the prices of most monitored food commodities remained stable during the reporting period, while the prices increased for petrol and diesel (1-7 percent) due to the high import prices from the exporting countries.

• Compared to February 2020, some food commodities’ prices increased in all monitored markets in 2021 of the same month. This includes vegetable and cotton oils (23-60 percent), beef, mutton and chicken (1-20 percent), potatoes (5-31 percent), haricot beans (14 - 33 percent), dried green peas (14-30 percent), sugar (23-36 percent), eggs (20-36 percent), bread (33-110 percent) and wheat flour - first grade (4-19 percent). The reasons for price inflation for most of these commodities that are imported are the depreciation of Tajik somoni against USD and increased cost of import from countries such as Kazakhstan and Russia.

Source: World Food Programme