Tajikistan Market Situation Update, No. 51 (October 24-30, 2022)

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1 Compared to the last week, the prices of key food commodities such as rice, harricot bean and vegetable/cotton oils continued to decrease in the range of 1-3% due to import increases from foreign countries. Egg prices increased in 6 markets and decreased in 3 other markets.The price of beef increased by 1-2% in 5 markets.

2 Due to the seasonal factors, average onion prices in 7 markets increased by 3%-20%, and in 2 markets became lower by 4%-16%, and in the remaining markets, remained unchanged. Overall, the price of cabbage is 6% lower compared to last week and 8% lower compared to the last month.

3 Petrol prices continued to decline by 1%-5% in 7 markets. Overall, it is 6% lower than last month and 6% lower than same period last year on average.

4 Due to seasonal factors, prices for cucumbers and tomatoes increased due to a decrease in stocks on the market.


Source: World Food Programme