Tajikistan Market Situation Update, No. 53 (November 7-10, 2022 )

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  1. Compared to the previous week, basic commodity prices such as rice, vegetable oil/cotton declined slightly by 1% due to greater availability in consumer markets. In city and district markets, egg prices increased by 4%. At Ishkashim market, first grade flour price rose by 2%. The price of chicken meat also increased by an average of 1% in the markets.
  2. Due to the seasonal factors, average prices for onions rose by 3%-14% at 9 markets, decreased by 2%-8% at 3 markets, and remained unchanged at the other markets. Prices of cabbage decreased by an average of 6% compared to the last week. Prices of potatoes rose by an average of 2%, prices for carrots, depending on the season of production and the volume of their stocks in the consumer markets remained variable compared to the last week.
  3. Petrol prices declined by 1-6% in 7 markets, on average 6% lower compared to last month and 14% lower than same month last year. Diesel prices also declined by 1-5% in 5 markets and remained unchanged in 10 other markets. However, the price of LPG rose 2-11% in all markets due to lower stocks.


Source: World Food Programme