Tajikistan Produces Industrial Products Worth Over 13 Billion Somoni in Six Months

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DUSHANBE,  The volume of industrial production in the last six months amounted to over 13 billion somoni, which is 1.27 billion somoni more than in the same period in 2109, reports the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies.

Of the total volume of industrial production, 56.5% falls on the processing industry, 29.3% on the provision of electricity, gas, steam and air purification, 14.2% on the mining industry and 0.6% on the water supply, waste processing and secondary raw materials.

During the reporting period, goods worth over 6 billion million somoni were exported to foreign markets.

Aluminum, construction paints, asbestos pipes, coal, salt, cotton yarn, aluminum roofing profiles, confectionery, canned goods, soft drinks and dried fruits were also exported.

According to statistics, during the reporting period, 83 new industrial enterprises were put into operation, creating 1,135 new jobs.


Source: National information agency of Tajikistan